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"I have been the instructor for an Advanced Water Damage Restoration Course where we flood a residential structure with 1500 gallons of water repeatedly to test the affect of moisture on building materials since 2007. I have personally flooded the structure 28 times, left it wet for 18- 24 hours and then trained students how to dry the structure within 3 ½ days with little or no damage to structure materials. We included Bluwood coated materials in the construction of the home so we could test the affects of repeated moisture on those materials as well. At this point there has no evidence of microbial growth on any Bluwood coated materials. Please feel free to stop by and inspect the home for yourself. Our CodeBlue Structural Drying Laboratory is in Eau Claire, WI."
Ed Jones
VP Restoration Services
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

"I just read an article in the Toronto Star about your product. Wow! What good timing! I have recently ripped out mouldy drywall, insulation and framing in my basement due to water leakage problems (which have since been fixed) and was just about to go purchase new framing when I read about your product. Where and when can I purchase this new BluWood? The article said something about it not being available until next month….March? I had hoped to start framing this week!!! BUT…I can wait if necessary just to get this fantastic sounding product. My kids and I are all asthmatic and allergic to mould so it’s necessary to combat it whenever possible."
Kathryn Pepper

"We used Bluwood on a couple of jobs and we are very satisfied with it and the way it is safe with the environment. We will continue to use it on our jobs."
Robert Tilley
RRR Enterprises
Hamilton, Ontario

"We’ve used Bluwood in a few of our basements reno’s and we are very pleased with it, so much now we use it exclusively."
Jason Barry
HomeHarmony Carpentry
Hamilton, Ontario

"I've used BluWood on all my below grade basement jobs and by far it is the best product I have used in years. I recommend the use of BluWood to all my customers and even use it in all my own private jobs. It's the best, hands down!"
Brian Kipan,
Glanford Iron

"Since Bill Clark Homes has been using BLUWOOD wood framing materials, our constant threat of mould fungus growth;"
Jonathan Martin,
Construction Manager
Bill Clark Homes. Myrtle Beach, SC

"We saw a need and BluWood filled it. BluWood gives our builders a level of protection that we have not offered before."
Dale Fort,
VP Sales Buck Lumber
Charleston, SC

"BluWood wood framing components' ability to limit uncontrollable moisture absorption is the type of innovative technology that we believe our builders need to prevent mould fungus growth;"
James Kennemer,
Vice President Frisco Wholesale Lumber
Frisco, TX

"We continually research new ways to enhance and improve our custom home design projects. BLUWOOD components offer a level of protection that we think is as impressive as any on the market."
Doug Mulvey,
CEO Mulvey Custom Builders, Inc.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"With BLUWOOD wood framing components, we believe that we are giving our clients a better building and giving our company additional protection"
Jeff Harrington,
Harrington Construction.
Myrtle Beach, SC

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