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Technical Specification

The BluWood treatment does not alter the properties of the wood.

BluWood treated lumber meets the criteria specified by the Ontario Building Code. BluWood has been given a Class B Flame Spread Rating.

BluWood components are the result of a quality-controlled, factory applied coating process that protects wood framing materials prior to job site delivery. BluWood’s lumber is continually monitored and scientifically tested to ensure the highest quality standards.

BluWood offers you the security of a Lifetime Limited transferable warranty. To ensure that the wood components utilized in the building of their home are protected from mould fungus growth, homeowners should specify that all the structural components be coated with BluWood’s factory applied two-part Infusion Film and Wood Preservative coating system. Only then can they be assured that their wood components are protected from potentially costly and damaging problems before, during and after construction.

BluWood testing of decay resistance demonstrated that the treated samples did not show substancial weight loss, indicating that there was little to no fungal degradation of the wood-based composites.

BluWood testing of corrostion indicated that the corrosion rate of
the treated samples is only 1.7% greated than the rate of untreated samples.

BluWood testing of lateral resistance indicates that there was no significant statistical difference in plate performance for treated and untreated material.

BluWood testing of rapture and elasticity showed that there was no significant different in bending modulus, strength, and density between the treated and untreated groups. It can then be concluded that BluWood preservation has no effect on bending stiffness, strength and density.

BluWood testing to fire demonstrated that BluWood coating had a much lower flame spread than the control wood (untreated pine wood) and produced more smoke.

Building Green: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has designed a Green Building Rating System that promises to direct and guide residential builders and commercial construction. BluWood is determined to educate builders and consumers of the value of this construction method. BluWood has been accepted in the GreenSpec Directory and BluWood Canada is commited to the promotion of BluWood in the LEED program.

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