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BluWood Protection

BluWood is a factory applied, two-part coating system developed by team of highly respected chemists. The first part is BluWood’s Infusion Film. The state-of-the-art Infusion Film, when applied, totally encapsulates wood components to form a water-repellant, semi vapor permeable film, which controls the moisture absorption capabilities of wood while allowing moisture vapor to escape from within. The wood continues to breathe, which helps contain normal moisture levels; the film itself is specially formulated to resist mould fungus growth on the cured film surface.

The second part is BluWood’s Wood Preservative, a proven fungicide providing exceptional protection.

A cost effective solution
Homeowners want to protect themselves and their investment when building or renovating their house. Weather, scheduling conflicts and other unforeseeable delays leave building materials susceptible to excessive moisture which can lead to mould and insect infestation. By choosing BluWood, homeowners and builders can protect their materials before, during and after construction. BluWood protects against replacing damaged inventory, construction delays and costly clean up and goes a long way towards protecting the investment you have made in your house.


Step 1 - Infusion-Film
The first part of this technology is an Infusion-Film that forms a water-repellent film interlocking with the wood fibers to provide controlled moisture absorption. The Infusion Film is also specially formulated to resist mould growth.

Step 2 - BluWood Preservative
The second part of this technology is the Wood Preservative, a proven fungicide that provides protection.

BluWood can be applied to virtually any type of wood and components. BluWood components are coated at an authorized and licensed coating application facility and are then delivered to the job-site, ready to be installed.

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