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Hidden Enemies

When excess moisture from the elements or unexpected flooding occurs, the wood in your home absorbs moisture and becomes vulnerable. When the wood absorbs too much moisture, mould and fungus can grow and proliferate. Mould has joined radon, asbestos, and other hazardous materials at the top of the health industry’s list of home related illnesses. Not only does it cause unsightly stains to household fabrics, damage to your belongings, and a musty, earthy odor in your home, it can also have a serious affect on the health and well being of your family. Over 270 different species of mould have been identified as living in Canadian homes, but it can take signs of mould ten or more years to develop, so you may not notice signs when you first purchase a home.

Unfortunately, mould is not an issue easily washed away, as visible surface growths are often just a sign of deeper, more ingrained dampness and rot. The long term effects of mould and fungus on your health range from allergies and infections to respiratory problems and damage to hemorrhage and in severe cases, death.

Mould is also one of the most costly effects of water damage. Huge repairs and maintenance expenditures can be incurred as mouldy components must be removed and discarded. Canadian insurance companies have clarified their policy wording concerning mould related damages so as to absolve them of payment duties, or have introduced mould exclusions to their policies, which may leave you end your family vulnerable to this hidden enemy.

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