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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BluWood?
BluWood is the trademarked name of a proprietary, two-part wood treatment product that is guaranteed to protect wood products from mould and fungus growth.

Where is BluWood used?
BluWood can be used in all of the wood framing components of a residential and commercial structure including the roof, wall and floor systems, structural lumber, plywood, OSB, sub floor panel, engineered wood products, truss products, mouldings and trim boards.

Why is the wood blue?
BluWood's distinctive color is visible assurance that the complete surface of processed wood components have been coated with BluWood’s two-part wood protection technology.

What does BluWood protect against?
BluWood provides protection for all wood components used in the above ground covered structure framing package from mould fungus growth; uncontrolled moisture absorption;

How long will BluWood last?
BluWood forms a unique bond with wood and its protective shield has a Lifetime Limited transferable warranty.

What kind of wood can BluWood be applied to?
This factory application is designed to protect a wide variety of wood species and components including: air or kiln dried, soft and hardwood lumber for framing and structural components, deck, sheathing, and sub-flooring panels, as well as engineered wood products.

Does this affect the wood or make it difficult to work with?
BLUWOOD components are handled, nailed, sawed, painted, and adhered the same as untreated wood components.

How does BluWood affect metal? Does it smell bad?
BluWood coated wood components are non-corrosive to metal fasteners/plates, contribute no additional gassing or odor to
wood components.

Once BluWood is applied, when will it start to work?
The reaction with wood is immediate. BluWood will uniquely protect building components from weather before and during construction, as well as after the structure is completed.

Is BluWood harmful to the environment?
No, BluWood is listed in the GreenSpec™ Directory and qualifies
for use in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
(LEED) structures.

Where can I get BluWood?
If you’re a homeowner, request that BluWood products be used
to build or renovate your home. If you are a builder, please
contact Mark Foster at 519.925.5915 or see BUY BLUWOOD for a retailer near you.

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