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LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
As we have seen the awareness and interest level of “Building Green” grow, we have also seen a more concerted effort to educate builders and consumers of the value of this construction method. “Green” programs are strategically aligning for the betterment of the process and uniformity of “Green” construction practices.
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a program that promises to direct and guide residential builders as it has for commercial construction. The residential program, while still in a pilot program for 2006, will roll out in 2007. There is an abundance of information for builders with 12 LEED for Home Providers to guide and make final determinations to the program for the areas that they will oversee. The full program for back-up support of this process appears to still be under evaluation, however, builders and suppliers to residential construction wishing to educate and increase awareness of this program can begin now.

BluWood Canada took a big step in this process by being accepted in the GreenSpec Directory. While the LEED Green Building Rating System assigns a point value specifically targeting construction practices, specific techniques and energy conservation practices, there are allowances for innovative products that sustain the life of products (with low VOC), are environmentally preferred products (included in GreenSpec Directory) and address moisture issues. While we are awaiting the impact evaluation of BluWood Canada as a product in this system, Shelburne Wood Protection is committed to the promotion of BluWood Canada for this  use and to stay in the forefront of technologically advanced wood framing materials.   
Anyone wishing to learn more about this program may do so by visiting

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