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About Bluwood Canada

“That incredible blue wood!”

In recent years, research has shown that mould contamination can cause serious health issues ranging from allergies to respiratory damage and in some cases, death. Responding to demand for a solution that would effectively block the growth of dangerous mould and protect wood from fungus, rot and insects, Charles Morando, a 30 year specialty coatings veteran, created Wood Smart solutions and developed BluWood.

With its ease of use, outstanding protection and lifetime warranty, demand for BluWood has increased exponentially since its inception in 2001. BluWood’s distinctive color is visible assurance that a home is safe and protected with BluWood products.

In early 2006, Shelburne Wood Protection, one of Ontario’s largest wood treatment facilities, purchased the exclusive rights to treat and sell BluWood in Canada. The company then developed a Canadian geographic-specific treatment for BluWood that guards against species of moulds pervasive in Canada.

BluWood Canada will now be setting up treatment facilities across the country to support each regional market, with the first facility being built in Ontario and British Columbia.

BluWood wood framing components are delivered to the job-site, ready to be installed. BluWood is supplied to contractors through their current source of supply for lumber, structural components and building materials.

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